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Lapoc Sports Samurai

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The Lapoc Sports Samurai, new on the scene.

Product Features

SP0200 Anchor

A lamination lock is set at the rear of the trans tibial socket for a base for installing "SP0300 Abutment."

SP0300 Abutment

This is the abutment designed to connect to "SP0200 Anchor" in order to connect either the "SP0400 Initial Fitting Plug Connector" or the "SP0401 Plug Connector". This part can be connected with either the SP0400 or SP0401 for alignment.
This comes in two initial angles of 8 and 15 degrees.

SP0400 Initial Fitting Plug Connector

The plug connector is used for initial fitting. With the "SP1100 Sports Recreation Foot" pinched back and forth, a length of the prosthetic limb can be slid up and down for adjustment. This plug connector can be connected with the "SP0300 Abutment" for alignment.

SP0401 Plug Connector

After completion of initial fitting, the SP0401 Plug Connector is replaced with the "SP0400 Initial Fitting Plug Connector" for connection to the foot.

SP1000 L-Shaped Plate

The L-shaped plate is used for the knee disarticulation prosthesis and the trans femoral prosthesis. An "M0271 Socket Base with Screw" can be connected to the top of the plate.
This comes in three initial angles of 0, 8, and 16 degrees.

SP1100 Sports Recreation Foot 刀 -KATANA-

This product, a high energy-storage foot prosthesis made from carbon fiber reinforced resin plastic (CFRP), uses a technique to store energy based on that used by the J-Foot. It was modeled using 3D CAD software and finite element structural analysis as well as the feedback received from field tests conducted over many years.
The Katana has actually been used by top athletes in Japan, who used it set the Japanese men's single-leg amputee (T42, A2, M) speed record in the 100-meter dash.

Note: This foot is made under carefully controlled conditions by a time-proven domestic manufacturer having a good record on an advanced composite molding process, and which manufactures wings for airplanes that require lightweight, high precision, and high strength.

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SP1200 Spike Sole and Foot Cover

Spike sole and Foot cover are developed under the collaboration between IMASEN Engineering Corporation and Mizuno,Japanese sport product manufacture.
They are specially designed for prosthetic runnners to be used for Track & Field activities.
They reduce the xetra work required to mount the sole in a prefabricated running shoe. The user can easily change the soles when necessary.

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The Concept

Modular Prostheses for Sports Recreation

Although it cannot be used in genuine competitive sports like the Paralympics, there are many lower-leg amputees who are motivated to get involved in daily sports activities (sports recreation). However, due to the lack of modularized specialized components, high prices, testing difficulties, assembly difficulties due to a lack of instruction manuals, the necessity of having a service system to handle defective products, and other numerous problems, athletic prosthetics had not achieved wide adoption.
Therefore, we at Imasen Engineering Corporation developed a modular prosthesis system for sports recreation, guided by the developmental concepts of ease of use and lowest possible cost.*
Through modularized specialized components that can handle existing prosthetic components, manufacture has gotten easier than it used to be, and sports recreation is now something our users can enjoy.

* "Welfare Device Research and Development Grant Program", Association for Technical Aids, 2005–2006
Modularized Sports Recreation Leg Prosthesis Development

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SP0200 Anchor, SP0300 Abutment, SP0401 Plug Connector, SP0400 Initial Fitting Plug Connector, SP1100 Sports Recreation Foot  刀  -KATANA-

Note: The actual color of the product may vary from that shown in this illustration.

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Alignment Range (Trans-Tibial Prosthesis)

Flexion and extension, inner and outer rotation, medial and lateral rotation, and prosthetic leg length are adjustable.

Note: The actual color of the product may vary from that shown in this illustration.

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Cautions on Use:

  • These parts are highly capable of movement that exceeds walking. In order to prevent the users or others nearby from being injured, make sure that these parts have been manufactured sufficiently strong and are safe.
  • Read the instruction manual thoroughly before assembling these parts.
  • If you require further information, please contact us or one of our agents.

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