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Privacy Policy

Imasen Engineering Corporation (hereafter referred to as Imasen) recognizes the importance of personal data, and in order to completely protect that data and uphold the trust given it by its customers, Imasen not only observes all laws related to personal data, but has also put together a comprehensive policy for protecting the personal data of customers based on the following items.

Hiroshi Yamada, President
Imasen Engineering Corporation

(1) Data Management Measures

In accordance with data protection rules, we thoroughly conduct proper information handling training among employees, have constructed an internal management system, and have put usage safety measures into place, in order to firmly protect the data of our customers.

(2) Personal Data Collection

In order to offer our customers better products and services, important personal data is collected through the following means:

  • Order specifications for Imasen electric wheelchairs
    (userfs name, address, phone number, date of birth, and weight)
  • Electric wheelchair insurance applications
    (applicantfs name, model, wheelchair number, date of birth, etc.)
  • Catalog requests and email forms submitted through this website
    (name, postal code, address, phone number, fax number, email address, etc.)

(3) Usage of Personal Data

Imasen uses its customersf personal data only for the following purposes:

  • To offer products and services, to sign up customers for wheelchair insurance, and to carry out tasks related to these objectives

(4) Third-Party Sharing Restrictions

With the following exceptions, Imasen does not share or release the data entrusted to it by customers to third parties without the customerfs consent:

  • The customer has given consent for the sharing of data with a third party.
  • Imasen is required to release data by law.

(5) Proper Management of Personal Data

Imasen takes measures to ensure the safekeeping of personal data and to prevent the release, destruction, alteration, or leaking of personal data, and strictly manages its customersf personal data. In addition,
Imasen promptly erases or destroys the personal data it is entrusted with once it is no longer required.

(6) Employee Supervision

Imasen institutes the necessary and appropriate supervision over its employees in order to safely manage personal data.

(7) Releasing or Correcting Personal Data

If a customer requests the release or correction of personal data related to that customer that has been entrusted to Imasen, Imasen shall, by law, release or correct that data without delay, unless doing so would cause significant disruption of Imasenfs business.

(8) Inquires Regarding Personal Data

We are happy to answer any inquiries from customers regarding their personal data.

  • Main Telephone Number: (+81)58-379-2714 (open weekdays, 8:15-17:05)
  • Email: info@imasengiken.co.jp

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