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Company Overview & History

Company Overview

Company overview table
Company Name Imasen Engineering Corporation
Established April 2, 1982
Address 3-1-8 Techno Plaza Kakamigahara Gifu JAPAN 509-0109
Tel: (81)90-2348-9484
Fax: (81)58-379-2712
Representative Director Hiroshi Yamada, President
Capital 20 million yen
Number of Employees 41
Business Specifics (1) Research and development for, as well as manufacturing and sales of, assistive devices (electric-powered wheelchairs, prosthetic legs, etc.)
(2) Research and development for, as well as manufacturing and sales of, parts for use in electronics and machinery

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From 1971

  Imasen Electric Industrial Co., Ltd. launched as a medical parts company.
History (1971) table
1971 Model EMC-3
1972 Sales of lower-leg prostheses begin.
1975 Model EMC-51/52
1977 Model EMC-35BC
Winner of Trade and Industry Award for Outstanding Electronic Assistive Device
1978 Lapoc Prosthesis
Winner of the Machinery and Information Industries Bureau Award for Outstanding Electronic Assistive Device
1979 Wime Hand
Winner of the New Technology Development Award from the Japan Society of Medical Engineerin

From 1980

History (1980) table
1980 Prosthesis for hip dislocation
1981 Model EMC-81/82
1982 Imasen Engineering Corporation established.
Model EMC-57
1984 EMC-85
1985 Dynamic Prosthesis
Three-Dimensional Wheelchair for Work
1986 Physical Strength Testing Device
1988 Model EMC-60/61
1989 Model EMC-70BC

From 1990

History (1990) table
1990 Model EMC-100
1992 Golf Carts
1993 SL Prosthesis
Winner of the Special Small and Medium Enterprise Director’s Award, Good Design Choice
1996 Model EMC-200/210/101
1997 M1170 J-Foot
1999 M0770 Bass

From 2000

History (2000) table
2000 Model EMC-220/230
2001 Model EMC-600/610
2002 Model EMC-700/710
Model EMC-130
M0780 Swan
Children’s Prosthesis System
2003 M0780 Swan
Winner of the Good Design Award
2005 Model EMC-900/910
Model DP-45/60
2009 Model EMC-240/250
Model EMC-720/730

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